Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 All of these paintings are done in with acrylics. I haven't ventured into oils just yet, but it's something I plan on trying down the road. Most of these paintings, minus the Vortexy one are all based off of previous drawings I had done. Some of them were just quick sketches that I had thrown together to get a sense a line and flow then went straight to the canvas. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life drawings

These are some of my life drawings I've done. Most of my life drawings are from classes, but every once in a while I get out and draw strangers in the city. It's always kinda funny when no one has any idea that you are using them as a subject or you think you see a cartoon character in someone who is just acting or dressing as their normal self. Most of us are our own characters. I really enjoy life drawings, especially the quick sketches where you don't have much time to focus on anywhere in particular, you're just trying to get a grasp on the shapes and the flow of the person. It's a huge help when you're trying to sketch out a concept and you don't want it looking stiff. Life drawing never stops helping you become a better artist.